GBX-DAX Maintenance, KYC Refresher and New T&Cs

GBX-DAX Maintenance

As part of our continued commitment to the development of the GBX-DAX, we will be conducting scheduled maintenance on 10 July 2020, from 01:00 (UTC) until 13 July 2020 01:00 (UTC).  During this time the GBX-DAX will be closed and deposits and withdrawals will be suspended.

KYC Refresher (Periodic Review)

As part of our commitment to compliance, we shall be undertaking a periodic Know Your Customer (KYC) refresher for all GBX customers on 10 July 2020, from 01:00 (UTC).  The next time you log onto your account as from 13 July 2020, from 01:00 (UTC) you will be prompted to update your KYC information (which may include new documentation and video identification in accordance with Estonian Anti Money Laundering (AML) requirements).

New T&Cs

We shall also be issuing new Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) on 10 July 2020, from 01:00 (UTC).  The T&Cs are updated for relevant Estonian AML rules and requirements and include some new rules in relation to customer eligibility, provide detailed clarification in relation to deposits and withdrawals and have updates in relation to new KYC processes including video indentification.